Donation Request Guidelines



-Hey, it's Candy! does not allow solicitation in store.

-Hey, it's Candy! does not donate merchandise for raffles or auctions.

-We do not donate to non-public schools, this includes private pre-school and Montessori Schools.

-The Organization Must Exist within 3 miles of our store.

-At Least one representative from the organization must have a proven track record of being a customer of Hey, it's Candy!

-Evidence of the organization proceeds going to help disadvantaged children and adults in low socioeconomic conditions will take precedence.




Schools and Non-Profit Organizations


Spirit Day Opportunity


-A Non-Profit Organization May request a shop day at Hey, it's Candy in which 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the approved organization.

-Organization can choose 1 Day Monday-Thursday.

-The Month of December & Other Days Surrounding Major Holidays Will Not Be Included.


Wholesale Cotton Candy

Wholesale cotton candy option will require a purchase of at least 50 cups at a special discounted price ($.75 per small cup) that you can in return sell for regular price ($1.50) or more!



Phone: 678-631-9635

Contact: Tiffany Murphy (Owner)